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New pets drop from old school raid bosses in 5.1

Well, we now have one more reason to run through old school raid bosses… because many of them now have a chance to drop a pet!  The drop rate is unknown at this time, but since pets are account wide, you can grind them up on multiple toons.  These pets are bind on pickup, but it is unknown if they can be caged afterwards.  But best of all, is that when you complete the new achievement Raiding With Leashes, you get your very own Mr. Bigglesworth pet as the reward!

Molten Core Pets
Ashstone Core drops from Golemagg
Corefire Imp drops from Magmadar
Harbinger of Flame drops from Sulfuron Harbinger

Blackwing Lair Pets
Chrominius drops from Chromaggus
Death Talon Whelpguard drops from Broodlord Lashlayer
Untamed Hatchling drops from Razorgore the Untamed

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Pets
Anubisath Idol drops from Emperor Vek’lor
Mini Mindslayer drops from Prophet Skeram
Viscidus Globule drops from Viscidus

Fungal Abomination drops from Loatheb
Giant Bone Spider drops from Maexxna
Stitched Pup drops from Gluth

However, I can’t be the only one sad to see Karazhan missing from the list, since it is one of my favorite older instances that I don’t have reason to run nearly as much.  I would have liked to see Ulduar on this one as well, the potential for awesome pet models coming from those bosses would probably end up with some of the best battle pets in the game.

6 new pets being added in patch 5.1

There are 6 brand new pets being added to patch 5.1 and Wowhead has all the nitty gritty on how to obtain the new ones.  Three are Darkmoon Faire related, one is a Blizzard pet store pet, and two have the chance of being created when making your daily Imperial Silk cooldown.  Best of all, the two tailoring pets seem to be BOE, meaning your alts can sell them if you can make Imperial Silk.

Cinder Kitten
This is the new Blizzard store pet.

Darkmoon Hatchling
Sold by Lhara for 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets

Darkmoon Eye
This drops from Darkmoon Pet Supplies, the daily reward for beating the new Darkmoon Faire Pet Master

Darkmoon Glowfly
This pet is a capturable pet on Darkmoon Island.  Prepare for this pet to be heavily farmed, so if you don’t have an alt on a low pop server, now might be the time to get one leveled up a bit!

Imperial Moth and Imperial Silkworm
A chance to be created when tailors do their daily Imperial Silk crafting, which is on a 24h cooldown.

New fire kitty pet being added

Blizzard has released a teaser screenshot about an upcoming new pet being added to the game.

While no details are confirmed yet, it is presumed that this kitty will be available for purchase through the Blizzard store, perhaps as another charity pet.

This adorable, fired up little kitty is seeking a new caretaker. Adoption details coming soon!


Pets missing from pet journal can be captured again

There was a bug where players were able to capture six pets in Pandaria, however they were not showing up in player’s pet journals.  The bug has been fixed and the six affected pets can be re-captured once more.

The affected pets were:

  • Devouring Maggot
  • Emperor Crab
  • Feverbite Hatchling
  • Garden Moth
  • Shrine Fly
  • Silkbead Snail

Most of these pets seemed to be showing up as the second or third pet in a battle, so it had originally been unclear if they were meant to be uncapturable or not.  However, rest assured, you can now go and capture them, and they will reside permanently in your journal unless you decide to release them!

Huge Q&A with Blizzard’s Cory Stockton

We are nearly at pet battle time!  Blizzard posted a huge Q&A with a ton of answers about all things pet battles.

On the eve of the release of the biggest expansion in the history of World of Warcraft, I took a few moments to sit down with Blizzard Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton to talk about Pet Battles.

Q: Before we get too far into the depths of this system, let’s elaborate on the basics. What are Pet Battles? How do they work?

Cory Stockton:  Simply put, the Pet Battles system is an extensive mini-game for World of Warcraft. We’ve always wanted to bring mini-games to WoW, but we never found one before this one that felt like it had enough depth, and this was both a good fit and was worth doing.

It’s intended to be something you do in your off-time. It doesn’t reward any player power, but it has many intrinsic rewards such as achievements and pets, and it’s based on a turn-based strategy game that you’re going to be able to play with NPCs and other players. It’s a system that gives purpose to your pet collection, and makes collecting many more pets a fun endeavor.

Even though it’s an optional part of the game, I hope everyone at least tries it out.  We’ve generated a number of new quest lines that guide you through everything about Pet Battles, and it’s got a ton of customization, including the ability to name your pets. There are over 100 new achievements in the game just for Pet Battles.

Q: As a player logging into Mists of Pandaria for the first time at level 85, what do I want to look for?

CS: The Pet Battles system progresses as the zones do, so you’ll go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and talk to a Pet Battle NPC, who will get you started with your skill, a starter pet, and one battle slot. You’ll then follow a quest flow that will ultimately go with you to Pandaria and through the zones there as you level up to 90.

Q: As a brand new player just getting into World of Warcraft for the very first time, what can I expect?

CS: For one thing, the 100g training cost is going to make it difficult for a new player to get caught up in Pet Battles super-early, and that’s by design, because everyone should learn how to play World of Warcraft first. Having said that, a new alt that can get 100g from another character can start the Pet Battle system at level 5.

From there, the system grows with you if you keep up with it, much like professions do.

Q: Is there going to be a noticeable difference in the experience for players earning Pet Battles levels and finding new pets on PvP realms, as opposed to normal realms?

CS: You’re definitely more vulnerable to attack while doing Pet Battles on a PvP realm, but we’ve accounted for that. If you’re in the Pet Battles UI when an enemy player hits you, you get a shield that absorbs damage for three seconds. You have time to come out of the Pet Battle and take care of business with the other player, and we respawn your pet for you, so you don’t lose it. On PvP realms, we made sure that you can get attacked during Pet Battles, because we didn’t want the system to be an escape from that vulnerability.

Q: A lot of players are going to be coming into this system fresh, having not beta tested it, and may know it primarily by how Blizzard described it six months ago. From a design standpoint, what has changed for the Pet Battles system during the final stretch of the last few months?

CS: We realized that using and mastering the turn-based-strategy-game part of the system wasn’t what players were spending much time and effort on. Rather, players were putting the focus of the system on pet collection and customization. So we shifted toward pet collection and customization late in the design process, and we put a lot of time into the design of quests that guide you through Pet Battles. The system now gives you goals, and with a lot more NPCs to battle, it almost brings a feeling of “boss fights” to Pet Battles.

You’ll find yourself facing an NPC opponent who has all flying pets, for instance, and you’ll have to go find pets that are strong against flying pets in order to get past him. That’s part of a chain of encounters that culminates in unlocking a series of daily quests, and those daily quests reward you with things like XP and chances at hidden pets.

We also changed the experience of fighting in the wild from one where you always only fought one wild pet. You now often fight two or three wild pets. That raised the difficulty of the entire system for the better. I think it’s going to be rewarding to obtain pets you’ve been trying to collect.

Q: When a player is killed by an in-game enemy, the familiar ghost and resurrection sequence follows. What happens to battle pets that are knocked out in battle, and what do players have to do for their pets at that point?

CS: When you learn Battle Pet training you get a spell in your Pet Journal called Revive Battle Pets that will heal and revive all of the pets in your journal on an 8 minute cooldown. You can also talk to any Stable Master and get your pets healed and revived for a small fee. Also, players can acquire Battle Pet Bandages. These are single-use heals that can help fill in those cooldown gaps.

Q: As a player logging into Mists of Pandaria who already has a stable of companion pets that I love, am I going to find ways to make those into the best pets to battle with, or should I expect them to take a backseat to new pets that I’m going to acquire in the weeks to come?

CS: That’s a really important factor to us, and we’re working on it. I don’t think we’re quite ready to disclose all of the details, but I will say this: we’re tracking several additions to the system in future patches, and one of those will be a way to make your favorite little buddy a lot more powerful.

Q: Final question! What’s going to be the pet that you will personally pursue and prize the most?

CS: I have two words for you:

Mini. Infernal.

You can view the whole shebang here as well as read all the follow up comments (including at least one blue response).


Pandarian Monk 50% off this week

If you don’t have the Pandarian Monk from the Blizzard store yet, it is on sale for 50% off this week only.  It is bind on account and will be learned across all your toons on your account.

This pet has been out since 2009 as a fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation, and raised $1.1M for the charity.  Unfortunately, new purchases will not be donated to the charity, which is a shame, although Blizzard plans to do more charity pets through the Blizzard Store (Moonkin Hatchling and Cenarian Hatchling were both also charity pets).

If you haven’t seen this pet in action in game, it does a spinning crane kick and makes noises as it goes through a variety of Monk poses.

 Save big and prepare for Pandaria with a new sidekick. This week only, you can get the World of Warcraft Pandaren Monk companion pet for just $5. That’s 50% off the regular price, making this a great time to round out your pet collection before the imminent arrival of the Pet Battle System.
Hurry, this offer ends September 17, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.


Warbot pet now available from vendors

If you have wanted one of the Warbots that was only available in the US through the Mountain Dew promotion, you are in luck.  Four vendors are now selling the Warbot Ignition Key which teaches the Warbot.  You can purchase the Warbot from Blax Bottlerocket, Clockwork Assistant, Craggle Wobbletop, & Jepetto Joybuzz.

There is also a Schematic: Warbot for learning how to make the warbot by engineers, however it is unclear how to obtain it currently.

New pet battle bugs popped up on beta related to caging

A thread on the forums show that there are some bugs with caging some TCG and profession pets.

Affected pets are:

TCG Pets Not Cagable – Build 16016: Landro’s Lil’ XT, Tuskarr Kite
Profession Pets Not Cagable – Build 16016: Crawling Claw, Clockwork Gnome, Fossilized Hatchling

However, this is a bug, and will be fixed for the Pandaria launch (which is when pet caging becomes active).

Phasing bug to be fixed on beta

If you are tired of being knocked out of your pet battles because nearby mobs are not being phased, the bug is going to be fixed via hotfix or corrected with the next build.  So many complaints were being made about being knocked out and having to restart pet battles anew, even when you had already trapped some pets and were finishing off the other two.

We found the bug causing this and are attempting to hotfix it up to servers shortly.  If we can’t hotfix it, it will be in the next build.
Thanks for the reports! (Source)


Pet Battle Quests being reset on beta

Finally!  Blizzard has confirmed that the pet battle pet quest lines are being reset so those of you with bugs can restart and continue with the quests.

We know that many of you have been having trouble making progress on the pet battle quest lines.  We have been making extensive changes to the quests and the engineering behind them on beta.  Because of this, we are going to reset all of the data associated with these quests.  This will allow you to play the quests again as well as give us a chance to gather more feedback.  A couple notes on how this will work:

  • Any specific character that has completed a pet battle quest will still have that quest completed.
  • Any other characters on your account will be able to start anew on the quest lines.
  • Re-importing your character will allow you to start from scratch again on the quest lines.

We are very sorry if this creates an inconvenience for anyone but it’s a part of the process that comes with beta.   We can’t say enough how useful your feedback has been up to this point, please keep it coming! (Source)

It is good to see them watching the new pet battle function so closely, and we will watch to see if there are more bugs from this.  The thread is stickied, so hopefully they will continue to update it.