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Humanoid Pets in World of Warcraft

There has been much speculation over what humanoid pets would be allowed to battle (Argent Squire anyone?) because many of the humanoid pets are children, and Blizzard has long had a policy that children NPCs cannot be killed in the game.  So not surprisingly, the number of humanoid pets that can be battle pets are quite limited.

Humanoids recover 8% of their maximum health if they dealt damage this round.

Damage Taken
Increased 50% from Undead abilities
Decreased 33% from Critter abilities


  Argent Gruntling (non-battle)
A Champion Rises quest in Argent Tournament Grounds
  Argent Squire (non-battle)
A Champion Rises quest in Argent Tournament Grounds
  Curious Oracle Hatchling
Children’s Week
  Curious Wolvar Pup
Children’s Week
Blizzcon 2010
Father Winter’s Helper (non-battle?)
Feast of Winter Veil
  Feral Vermling
Going to Need More Leashes Achievement
  Flayer Youngling
Hellfire Peninsula
  Gregarious Grell
TCG Crown of the Heavens
Blizzcon 2009
Guild Herald (non-battle)
Guild vendor
Guild Page (non-battle)
Guild vendor
EU Fansite Promotion
Ling-Ting’s Herbal Journey achievement
Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition in EU
  Mini Tyrael
World Wide Invitational 2008
Moonkin Hatchling (Alliance)
Blizzard Pet Store
  Moonkin Hatchling (Horde)
Blizzard Pet Store
Blizzcon 2011
  Murkimus the Gladiator
Arena Tournament 2009
Blizzcon 2009
  Pandaren Monk
Blizzard Pet Store
Love is in the Air
  Qiraji Guardling
Silithus in Summer only
  Sporeling Sprout
Winter’s Little Helper (non-battle?)
Feast of Winter Veil