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Battle type: Dragonkin

Binding: Binds on Equip

Where to catch: Only obtained from the Burning Crusade US & EU Collector’s Edition

Highest level capturable: n/a

Seen on Black Market Auction House: No

Passive: Dragons deal 50% additional damage on the next round after bringing a target’s health below 25%

Damage taken: Increased 50% from Humanoid abilities; Decreased 33% from Flying abilities

This unusual looking pet was only made available to those purchasing the Collector’s Edition of Burning Crusade.   If you obtain a code for a region not your own,  you can put in a ticket to have it applied to the account, but you will need to provide – photo of your CE contents, photo of your CD-key, photo of the barcode on your reference sheet with the date of the request written over it, a photo of the Collector’s Reference Card (TCG one)

Pet Abilities (showing level 1 damage)

Link: Wowhead