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6 new pets being added in patch 5.1

There are 6 brand new pets being added to patch 5.1 and Wowhead has all the nitty gritty on how to obtain the new ones.  Three are Darkmoon Faire related, one is a Blizzard pet store pet, and two have the chance of being created when making your daily Imperial Silk cooldown.  Best of all, the two tailoring pets seem to be BOE, meaning your alts can sell them if you can make Imperial Silk.

Cinder Kitten
This is the new Blizzard store pet.

Darkmoon Hatchling
Sold by Lhara for 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets

Darkmoon Eye
This drops from Darkmoon Pet Supplies, the daily reward for beating the new Darkmoon Faire Pet Master

Darkmoon Glowfly
This pet is a capturable pet on Darkmoon Island.  Prepare for this pet to be heavily farmed, so if you don’t have an alt on a low pop server, now might be the time to get one leveled up a bit!

Imperial Moth and Imperial Silkworm
A chance to be created when tailors do their daily Imperial Silk crafting, which is on a 24h cooldown.

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