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Arctic Fox Kit

Arctic Fox Kit

Battle type: Beast

Binding: Bind on Capturea

How to capture: Storm Peaks

Highest level capture: Storm Peaks

Seen on Black Market Auction House: No

Passive Beasts deal 25% extra damage below half health

Damage taken: Increased 50% from Mechanical abilities Decreased 33% from Humanoids abilities

This is one of the pets that only spawns upon certain weather conditions.  When it is snowing in Storm Peaks, the Arctic Fox Kit will spawn and be available for capture.  Bright blue/white with dark paws.

There is a report that the pet is found even when it is not snowing, but it is believed to have been fixed.  Others report that these will despawn immediately after it stops snowing.

During frigid nights in the Storm Peaks, these critters use their fluffy tails as a blanket to stay warm.

Pet Abilities (showing level 1 damage)

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