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Aqua Strider

Aqua Strider

Battle type: Aquatic

Binding: Bind on Pickup

How to capture: Learned from Hollow Reed, which drops off rare elite Nalash Verdantis

Highest level capture: n/a

Seen on Black Market Auction House: No

Passive Harmful damage over time effects are reduced by 25% on aquatic pets

Damage taken: Increased 50% from flying abilities Decreased 33% from undead abilities

The Hollow Reed, which from a Level 90 Rare Elite Nalash Verdantis, who spawns on a tiny island in the middle of the Lake of Stars in Dread Wastes.   The respawn timer is very short, however he only has a low chance of dropping the pet.  The good news is that it is BOE so you can pick him up on the auction house if one is listed.  This is one of the fastest battle pets in the game.

Pet Abilities (showing level 1 damage)

Link: Wowhead