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Battle type: Aquatic

Binding: Bind on Pickup

How to capture: Northern Barrens, Sholazar Basin, Wailing Caverns

Highest level capture: Sholazar Basin

Seen on Black Market Auction House: No

Passive Harmful damage over time effects are reduced by 25% on aquatic pets

Damage taken: Increased 50% from flying abilities; Decreased 33% from undead abilities

Biletoad can be caught in the Wailing Caverns (both inside and outside the instance), Northern Barrens, and has been also added to Sholazar Basin in Mists of Pandaria.  Shares the same model is JubJub.

It is part of the Kalimdor achievement, but if you capture it in Scholazar, it does count towards the achievement.  Often appears with a Stunted Shardhorn when you pet battle one of those.

Pet Abilities (showing level 1 damage)

Link: Wowhead