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Pet Battle Quests being reset on beta

Finally!  Blizzard has confirmed that the pet battle pet quest lines are being reset so those of you with bugs can restart and continue with the quests.

We know that many of you have been having trouble making progress on the pet battle quest lines.  We have been making extensive changes to the quests and the engineering behind them on beta.  Because of this, we are going to reset all of the data associated with these quests.  This will allow you to play the quests again as well as give us a chance to gather more feedback.  A couple notes on how this will work:

  • Any specific character that has completed a pet battle quest will still have that quest completed.
  • Any other characters on your account will be able to start anew on the quest lines.
  • Re-importing your character will allow you to start from scratch again on the quest lines.

We are very sorry if this creates an inconvenience for anyone but it’s a part of the process that comes with beta.   We can’t say enough how useful your feedback has been up to this point, please keep it coming! (Source)

It is good to see them watching the new pet battle function so closely, and we will watch to see if there are more bugs from this.  The thread is stickied, so hopefully they will continue to update it.

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